ConQuest SAC GameCons

ConQuest SAC presents:
ConQuest Avalon – October 11-13, 2024
InterGalactic ConQuest – April 11-13, 2025
ConQuest Avalon – October 10-12, 2025

We have been running Tabletop Game Cons in the Sacramento area since 2006, and we are happy to be able to present two this year at our new home, the Scottish Rite Center! Both tabletop game conventions present a wide variety of board, card, miniature, and role playing games. InterGalactic ConQuest (IGCQ) will have a Sci-Fi track where you can focus on games of that ilk, should you so please, and ConQuest Avalon is similar to IGCQ, but instead of Sci-Fi, features a Fantasy track, which this year includes a special celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Dungeons and Dragons!
The shows will each feature our game library, vendors, snacks, and an onsite BBQ!

ConQuest SAC presents
InterGalactic ConQuest


Featuring Guests of Honor:
James Ernest – Legendary Game Designer
Aldo Ghiozzi – FREE RPG Day Founder
“Commander” Mark Ruggiero – Wargame Ambassador

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